When you feel forgotten, God is making you a Star !

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IMG_3883The story about my birthday spent at the hospital didn’t stop where I stopped it. The day following all that drama, my husband and I were invited by a couple, friends of ours for dinner. And the lady made a wonderful cake for me! Yummy!

Then my french sister, Wendy, baked a special french pie! She dropped it at the door of our house! It was yummyyyyyy!

Like if this was not enough, our friends and all our colleagues IW organized a little party for me. I got all nice, wonderful and yummy yummy cakes! I got candles! I got drinks! I  got gifts! Incredible!IMG_3888

My dad, who is not a very emotionnal guy, called me from my hometown, just to wish “Happy birthday Bintou” ! This was a very special gift to me,because he does not do that often for my birthdays!

The Bible through Music and art Ministry in Cameroon organized a little “INTERNET PARTY” for me on a social networks. They made a nice picture of me and one of my best friends who happened to be born the same day i was too!  It was amazing!

I felt loved ! And most of all, I got a wonderful lesson from God, let God guide you. When you think He has forgotten you, actually, He is preparing the best for you. He is actually preparing you to become a Star!

I spent the most interesting birthday of my life! IMG_5982

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