Welcome Christmas Season!

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Last year I wrote a blog titled “The Reason I chose to Celebrate Christmas.”  At that time I was in the African jungle where my husband and I serve. We spent a deep and inspiring Christmas among my fellow Africans and Bongolo Hospital colleagues. It was truly a significant Christmas for me because it was my first experience as an African Christian to celebrate Christmas! (If you didn’t read that blog, you might like to read it first as a background for this year’s blog.)

This year Christmas happened to find us in the USA, my first time to celebrate Christmas here. I’m enjoying discovering everything about Christmas in this country! I a
m already seeing all sorts of Christmas stuff, decorations and sales going on crazily in the stores. I walked down the aisle of one of the Walmart store this week. An aisle that used to be full of Christmas stuff is already empty! And it is only the end of November! People definitely love Christmas here!

I am excited about being part of our church Worship Ministry during this Christmas season. Last weekend, we had a Worship Ministry Retreat under the direction of our worship pastor to prepare ourselves for the upcoming Christmas Concert.  It was amazing and we worked very hard. But in spite of all the work done at the retreat, I still had a lot to work to do on my own to learn all the cantata

Christmas Service Rehearsal with Calvary

songs we would present at the Christmas Concert. I admire the search for excellence in this whole Christmas preparation. America is a great nation and I am starting to think that one of its secrets is the search for excellence. There was not a single false note left uncorrected by Pastor Tim and his team. We practiced till everyone could perfectly sing or play his part.

I “melted” in the atmosphere of the retreat. It was so warm!  I felt ready to go to heaven and sing endless worship songs with angels to the One who saved me. We were reminded that our songs are not unto us but unto the Name of the Lord. We were also challenged to share our faith through our songs and invite as many as possible to listen to the Gospel that changes everything at Christmas.

My husband and I answered that call and are involved with outreach Christmas outreach ministries at church for the season. It is going to be an awesome Christmas Season! And once again I’m choosing to celebrate Christmas! This time in the USA!

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