Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day (Part 3)

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I’ve spent an awesome Thanksgiving Season here! I loved it! My husband and I even made it to a family movie for the first time! Where I was born, we do not celebrate Thanksgivings.  But from what I have learned here, I have come to believe Thanksgiving must be celebrated in every culture in this world!
In the early days of the USA, Thanksgiving was celebrated as a harvest festival. During the harvest time, farmers and their families would gather around a meal and thank God for good harvest. Some of the main veggies harvested during that time in the USA was pumpkin. Till today, pumpkin is still the main symbol of Thanksgiving celebration.

Years later, the well known and respected president Abraham Lincoln proclaimed or instituted a national holiday that should be respected in all the USA and dedicated to gi
ve thanks to our Father who art in Heaven. For sure today not everyone in the USA is Christian or even religious. But the culture of Thanksgiving being a moment to stop and gather together to celebrate and enjoy love and family is deeply rooted in the American people. Even today Thanksgiving is one of the main celebrated Holidays in the USA.

I have come to respect the USA a lot. I acknowledge that there are many reasons it is being called the first power in the world. Not everything that is done in the USA is great. But I have found it awesome that the president of one nation would urge his fellow citizens to stop and take a break just to say thank you and to give love to your dear ones.

We all need love. We all need to be grateful. Whether you believe in Christ or not, there are reasons to be thankful. And especially in our third world countries where civil war, famine and diseases rage, we need to learn to stop and give thanks and give love.


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