Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day (Part 2)

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from “Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day (Part 1)

Then, at Calvary’s Thanksgiving service, there was a lady who came on the mic. She started with this: I want to give thanks to God for all the “No’s” He has told me this year. Oh, who is this one sounding like she’s going through a situation familiar to me? My ears were pricked.

She shared about her husband who left her. She told about how she didn’t have a “yes” to any of her prayers to God about that situation. The pain in her heart was palpable through her voice. Nevertheless, she kept saying it: “Lord I give you thanks for all the “No’s” you’ve told me this year”.

My heart went out to that lady. She was also God’s voice to me. I have not heard a clear “No” from God about my desire to have a baby. I have heard “silence.” During the month of October 2016, as I was searching His face, He spoke to me and He encouraged me to be patient. Now patience is not one of my best strengths at all. I wanted to hear God telling me that I will have a baby and that my pain will be over. I did not like His silence and His urging to patience. But through the voice of that lady last night, God asked me to give thanks for this Thanksgiving Season I will spend without any child to care for. God asked me to give thanks for His silence.

Our worship pastor led us in the famous song “To God be the Glory”. Some tears rolled down my cheeks. It brought back memories of my childhood an
d the first time I heard that song. I was still a kid, my dad had made a trip to the USA and he came back with a vinyl of the artist who wrote that song. I loved it so much. That artist is not with us anymore but those words are still powerful!

I felt God’s presence around me. The Holy Spirit in my heart was affirming to my heart that from the day I was born, He knows me and He loves me. It changed the whole course of my evening. I gave thanks to God. And I fully participated in the service and the fellowship time that followed. I sang “In His love” with the congregation. And I came back home with my joy tank full again. I wish my siblings and all my African family could be here; but my husband is here with me, my mum is here with me, and my parents-in-law are here with me. God spoke to me during Thanksgiving service at church. And for me, this is enough: My Thanksgiving celebration is starting well.

(to be continued)

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