Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day (Part 1)

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My husband and I are taking a break from our road trip to spend the Thanksgiving week with his parents. Yesterday we all attended our church’s Thanksgiving service with my mum. The theme of the service was to give thanks for all He has done for us during the year. Part of the program was opened to spontaneity; anyone could publicly thank God for something special that He did in their lives this year.

I have a lot of reasons to be thankful. The first part of our road trip across the USA went very well. Wycliffe membership is advancing. My mother just made it to the USA and we are having great times. Internet was down at Bongolo Hospital for two weeks, praise the Lord, my husband was able to fix it from here (in the USA).

But deep in my heart, there was a silent but deep pain. It is around Thanksgiving last year that I lost my pregnancy. It was a painful Thanksgiving. That painful memory almost succeeded in making this one harder.

As I am travelling around the USA and discovering all the customs and habits of Americans, I realized more than ever that Thanksgiving is a huge deal here. Families gather around a huge turkey and spend precious time together. There is a strong connotation of Thanksgiving being an opportunity to rejoice and give thanks for our dear loved ones. I’ve seen and heard about kids or parents travelling from Nevada to Washington D.C just to be able to spend Thanksgiving Day with their extended family. I saw Thanksgiving pictures of many of our friends with parents, grand-parents, kids, grand-kids, cousins, nieces, great-grand-kids, etc.

Photo by Lisa Simpson Newton

And here I am. I am about to celebrate Thanksgiving with my in-laws in the USA. But we will not have kids playing around us while we are gathered. Not even one. That is hard. I sincerely expressed my amazement and joy after each testimony of God’s deeds in my brothers and sisters lives at church last night. At the same time I was talking to God silently: God, I know you’ve blessed me. I just can’t get rid of that pain or ignore it. I can’t.

To be continued…

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