The Windy City !

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We are in Chicago!  I have the impression we have done the tour of the whole USA. I know I am wrong.  But my neck and my body believe actually that they have been on a 80 days rally around the world like Philleas Fogg!

Chicago is windy! I had trouble taking pictures; the wind was blowing all the time and my scarf was going in all directions. Chicago is also red-brown or grey. Just red, brown or grey. For someone like me who loves colors, this is quite an adjustment. I walk in the streets looking for a building that will have a pure red color, or a yellow color, or even just some yellow or some pure red or blue on the walls, but I always come back disappointed. Everything is red-brown or grey . When the building is not red-brown or grey, it is glassy.

Police cars are around every corner of the streets. It is true that we are staying in a himg_5069otel downtown Chicago. I wonder how it is in the suburbs. For the part of Chicago where I am, I have a lot of respect for those men in blue. They are working all night. I can hear their sirens wailing all through the night from a distance, or very close to where we are staying. Chicago must be very busy at night.

Everyone wears black or brown or grey. Not a lot of fancy colors like African outfits. I wish I could change that! People walk fast. They do not really talk to each other. They are busy, very busy. From my hotel room, I can see the lady in the building across the street; she is in her office working even after 10 PM at night. Indeed, Chicago is not Las Vegas.

It is quite an experiimg_7563ence to go for so long drives! What I like is that time with my husband, just he and I in the car. We can talk, debrief freely. Each time we cross a state, or we see something that I do not get, he takes the time to explain it to me or to introduce it to me. My head is getting full of stuff about customs and habits from different states.

We meet different people. Each person we meet is different. Each person we meet brings a new flavor in our lives. Each person is special. I can’t go and give the names of all the people we are seeing and who are making us feel special too. This page will never end. It is something rich and unique to with so many people!

The difficult part of this adventure is the planning. While on the road, without reliable internet, we must manage to plan our rendez-vous. This is not easy, but our partners have been very gracious to us.

It is 5:30 AM now; I hear the thunder and the rain. Another windy and rainy day in Chicago is coming…

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    I love to hear what you have to say, an I also am familiar with the windy city, I don’t think they sleep, LOL.

    Thank you for sharing all if this!

    When I was there a long time ago, I didn’t pay attention to the colors, but your right! I love hearing everything from your perspective. God Bless you and your husband in your travels here in the states.

    Gean Cohoon from Bedford Alliance in Bedford Michigan

    • robertgpeterson

      Hahahaha ! Yes, Gean ! I agree with you, I do not think they ever sleep at night ! Thank you for your blessings and may the same come back to you!

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