The US through my African eyes

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For those of you familiar with International Workers, you probably know they have to touch base at required times. For this reason, Rob and I had to return to the US again this fall.

img_6951Rob’s parent’s home in the US is on a 2 acre piece of property at the end of a cul-de-sac. It is quiet here, yet it is lovely! I love seeing deer! It’s like they come to greet me when I sit on the porch of my lovely American mom and dad. I also love watching squirrels scamper up and down trees like children at play! I love the weather. It is warm outside and the sky is a beautiful blue! I love the fact that I can wear flip flops all the time, even when I go shopping. I don’t like to wear flip flop outdoor in Africa cause of the dust or the mud that will make my feet dirty. But here, that is not a worry. This is really a blessing for me, you can’t imagine!

I love that I know my husband and I will not be called in the middle of the night for a medical emergency. I love that I can go to a restaurant and have refills for no extra cost! I love the flowers. I love the trees that are showing signs of turning to red and yellow for fall. I love that Rob and I can go for long walks in the evening without worrying about “bifudu” (an insect that bites when the sun is not shining). I love that I can see my husband so at ease as he is driving. When I shared that he looks so much at rest, he nodded! The roads are wide, there’s no taxis driver’s trying to fool you, no pedestrian trying to suddenly cross the road just in front of your car, no police checks at every corner of the city! All these things play a huge role in my husband’s calmness as he is driving here.

While in the US, we are doing many things. Most of our work is about the many steps and paperwork required for the process of my membership into Wycliffe. It is also about preparations to share our ministry and to touch base with our partners and make new partners. We had our first Home Meeting this week with some of our faithful partners and friends. Even though it is a bit of stress on our side, the feeling love and friendship is great! As a treat for our Home Meeting, we had “make your own” ice-cream sundaes! We choose from toppings of caramel, chocolate, coconut and nuts! Very yummy!

Another great joy for me coming here is returning as a member of Calvary Church choir! I love the fact that I can come to practices and be refreshed. I hear professional musicians playing. I sing with sheet music. No one is off tune! I have wonderful friends in the choir. Since I’m not the one leading, I am not tense when we are singing, praying that the singers or the musicians would not lose the tune of the song. I can just sing and worship and know that someone else is thinking about the organization and arrangement, making sure everything is right! My only job is to sing and worship God! And from that, the music and the voices that come out of the sound system are harmonious…a delight to the ear and to the hearts of those who listen.

Rob and I are thanking God for His timing in our trip to the US. He knew we needed a change! But even so, I spend a lot of time thinking about my “jungle life.” I think and I pray for the Bongolo hospital, for the eye clinic and for my training yet to come. I think about my friends in the jungle. I think about my family and our ministry in Africa. It is clear that I love my life in the jungle and the people we serve! I also love the people I work with and think about them every day. Yes, I greatly miss them and yes I am eager to go back. BUT, I am very grateful for a change of pace and times of refreshment!