IMGP1879The first time eternity became a reality in my own life, it resulted in me making the most significant decision in my life: to accept the Lord Jesus Christ as my Savior.

As we were returning home one night, a deer jumped in front of us. Surprised and scared, the deer ran across to the other side of the road and towards the woods but a fence had been built along the road and the deer crashed into the fence. The force of the impact instantaneously killed the deer.

It was my first contact with death in this world. I remember getting out and looking at this deer that had just died. This experience was significant and later that night I started asking questions. I was wondering about what would happen to me if i suddenly die like the deer just did? Dad then explained to me the gift of salvation provided by Christ and that night I accepted Christ as my Savior.

One event that encouraged me in my walk with the Lord was a Bible that was given to me for my birthday.  Up until that time, I didn’t read my Bible much.  When I received that Bible, it went upstairs along with all the other things. After a couple of days, I started feeling guilty because I hadn’t read my Bible, my new Christmas gift, so I picked it up and began reading it.  That marked the beginning of me reading His Word regularly and God has used that in my life to develop my devotional life.

imageSince then, I have had the privilege of attending Bryan College and Moody Bible Institute and I have thoroughly enjoyed the Bible study and theology classes I took.  The challenge of completing my flight training at Moody Aviation was also been a great growing experience for me as I have learned to depend on the Lord for my finances, day-to-day assignments and future ministry.

Carnot, Central African Republic

As I have grown and recognized the impact of the Word of God in my own life, the desire to be a part of bring God’s Word to those who do not have access to it in their own language has also grown.

And the most important, I am alive and forever will be!