Bintou Peterson has officially joined WYCLIFFE USA!

“As a physician born, raised and trained in Africa, I have discovered the power of the Gospel in transforming, rejuvenating and bringing healing in a whole community ravaged by AIDS and tribal wars. I have discovered that I can be used by God to give physical restoration to my country people which is awesome. But the real transformation happens when the word of God penetrates their heart.” Bintou.

God has confirmed His call on our lives to bring God’s word to His people through Wycliffe…a pilot and medical doctor team!

We need your prayers. We also invite your to consider investing financially in our Wycliffe ministry. As God lays on your heart a desire to partner with us in any of these ways, we pray you will be fulfilled and find joy in being part of this wonderful task of spreading the gospel around the world!”  Rob.


After a great christmas season, The Petersons are getting ready to hit the road again! This is the second part of their 2016 USA TOUR which started on October 1st. They will leave North Carolina early January and are planning to be back in Charlotte by February. On top of many other activities, during this trip they will attend a two-week Wycliffe Training in Orlando, FL.  For more details, please check their last newsletter click here

To partner with Rob and Bintou Peterson:

Give online or
Or send a check payable to Wycliffe with a separate note: “preference for the Wycliffe Ministry of Robert and Bintou Peterson” to: Wycliffe, PO Box 628200, Orlando, FL 32862

Join their prayer team and send them a note via e-mail; addresses are on their prayer card.

Join their advocacy team and help them raise a strong team. More of their story is available on their blog: Solo por la gracia.

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Published on Jan 6th. Rob and Bintou spent an awesome Christmas Season. Bintou was introduced to USA Christmas traditions like gingerbread contest and family stocking on Christmas Eve. Rob and Bintou were also involved in many Christmas outreach events with their home church. Thousands and thousands people heard the clear message of the Gospel at Christmas.

Published on Dec 22nd 2016.The Petersons started their 2016 USA TOUR on October 1st. They have been crisscrossing the East Coast. Their tour has been extended through January 2017! They spent a memorable Thanksgiving with family and friends. It was Bintou’s first Thanksgiving in the US. During the Christmas season, Rob and Bintou will be in North Carolina and Tennessee. One of their main focus will be  at their home church with a special need Ministry and preparing for two Christmas concerts and three Christmas Eve services.  For more details, please check their last newsletter.