I am back. Happy Palm Sunday!

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May 2017.

March 2018.

10 months since I joyfully posted on this page.

Wow. Life has set me on a very special track since May 2017.  At that time, we were in the US. We were travelling a lot and had several speaking engagements about aviation, medicine and/or Bible Translation in Africa.  Yes, the tediousness of travelling, the monotony of constantly being on the road, the hurdle of having no real place you can call home while you’re in the States….yes that was not easy. But discomfort aside, we were on track. We had raised virtually all of the funds we needed; we had made precious connections and were happy and content to plan our return journey to Africa.

But on June 30th, things irremediably changed. My husband and I were hit and swallowed by the most violent sea whirlwind we have ever seen.

Today is March 3rd 2018. We are still in the US. I cannot travel anymore. I am not as flexible as I was anymore. My schedule is very strict. I spend most of my days at home. When I can manage a simple visit to the grocery store, I consider it a victory! While there still are some giant, high tide waves hitting the shore, my heart and my mind are increasingly getting *firmly* anchored to the Rock that never stumbles.

So I am back to blogging. Yeah!

Dear Jesus, I want to thank you Lord because you are my Rock. When I walk through the dark valley, I do not see you. That valley is so dark that I actually can’t even see the palm of my hand. But your word says you were there in that dark valley with me. So I believe it. And indeed, as I am looking back Lord, I can see you were always there.

Dear friends reading me now, I send you a warm hello from my home. I hope to reconnect with you soon! I will stop today with this old hymn: “Rock of ages, let me hide myself in thee”.  And if I have something to tell you today, I would say, let’s hide in Him who entered triumphantly into Jerusalem 2000 years ago!

In Him.


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  1. Mary Elayne Powell

    I love you, Bintou…and Rob, and little Isaac. Happy Easter!

  2. Sarah Robrecht

    Bintou – Thanks for the email and the link to be able to read this blog! This is beautiful and I’m encouraged by you. The Lord is our Rock and we sometimes lose that focus when things get hard. May you, Rob and Isaac be blessed!

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