Happiness and Sadness on the road

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It is the first time I am sitting on the desk with my laptop and I do not know what to write. I thought I had some inspiration but suddenly all is gone.

Last week, a catastrophe hit my country Cameroon. Some of you may have seen it on CNN. A train derailed; many lives were lost and a lot of people were seriously wounded. I used to work as a medical doctor in a small town in northern Cameroon. The train was my main mean of transportation between the capital city and that town. For each trip between those towns, I would spend a whole night in the train. So, it could have been me there, dead or seriously wounded in that train! I thank God for protecting my life each time I took the train. At the same time, I ask Him why did He allow such a bad thing to happen to my country? It is hard for me to write about the feelings of pain I have for my country right now and to also write about my time here in Michigan.

Michigan is so far from the turmoil, mourning and crisis happening in my home country right now. Michigan is like a haven of peace in a troubled land to me as I am writing these words. We are staying in a huge house on the beach in Holland. Every morning when we wake up, the lake is there waiting for us. It quietly follows the wind. It doesn’t make noise like the Alabama Ocean, but it is not less alive. It just has a different type of personality. From time-to-time a boat goes silently goes by. My husband and his uncle spend hours talking together and admiring the lake through the neat and clean large window of the living room.

My husband’s uncle and aunt took us out for dinner in one of the nicest restaurants of the town on the lake. Food was excellent! The waiter was very friendly!

I like Michigan in spite of its cold. Hearts are warm. Dutch tradition is very present here, even in church. Michiganites can party hard but they are also very hard workers. I have also discovered that there is a huge musical heritage in my husband’s family; maybe that’s why he married me?

Another great discovery for me is that img_8029my husband has three generation of farmers in his blood! The Peterson’s centennial farm is big! The barn is a scenic spot, ideal for original wedding receptions. I silently admired the barn, thinking to myself that I would love to celebrate my wooden (5th) wedding anniversary in such a place. As if she was reading in my thoughts, Chuck told me many wedding receptions have been organized in that barn.

Michigan is transitioning now from fall to winter. Leaves are falling and temperatures dipped below 40 degrees. But in spite of its cold, Michigan made me proud of my husband’s roots.

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  1. Gean Cohoon

    Bintou, I have to say again, how I love and enjoy your posts. You are a previous heart, a beautiful woman. I sadden to hear about the train. We can pray. I wonder to about things.

    I am happy you get to see Michigan. It is beautiful in its own way, but oh it can get cold depending on how far up North you go, or a cold cold winter. I love to read your post because you let me see through your eyes and heart. And I find it refreshing as well as a special experience for me to know you and see the things in Africa. Hoping you and your husband totally enjoy your visit here. Stay warm.

    Bedford Alliance Bedford, Michigan

    • robertgpeterson

      Hello Gean! How are you doing? I was pretty happy to see Michigan. I have always heard about the cold and how rude the weather can be. So I think I wanted to feel it myself! I found it very beautiful especially with the lake! And you are very right,I could see through the marks left by snow on the streets how cold cold a winter can be in Michigan!
      We tried to stay warm! And we really enjoyed our time there! Have a great week Gean! You are encouraging me so much!

  2. Carol Peterson

    I just found this “Blog” and read it for the first time! Oh how I love to “hear” your heart, Bintou and get to know this very special lady who has joined our family. Though you were in Michigan and we were in NC when we heard the news of the train wreck in Cameroon, our hearts went out to the people of your country in their great loss and sorrow. But I learned more from your blog. I did not know that was a train you often road at one time. Truly God’s ways are mysterious and past finding out. Loved the wonderful pictures and descriptions of Lake Michigan and the farm!

    • robertgpeterson

      Oh! This is so sweet of you! I admire this family I joined! I am thankful to God for the husband he gave, and for all his family! You have showed me so much love and acceptance! Yes, the train is still a main mean of transportation in Cameroon, my home country. And till today, there are some people whose bodies have been found. It is heartbreaking. As you said, God’s ways are mysterious and I just know He knows best. I can only trust him!
      Thank for the comment and the pictures!

  3. Gean Cohoon

    I am following your adventure, I am so happy your mom came. I giggled a little bit that now you are explaining culture.

    I also am Happy you get to experience Thanksgiving Holiday here.
    Congratulations on your new membership.

    I see you are bundled up in this Michigan cold, and I also giggled when you used the word blankey. I am always with my blankey.

    I hope you enjoy the Holidays here. Wishing You and your husband holiday blessings.

    Gean Cohoon (Bedford Alliance in Bedford Michigan)

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