More than aviation and ophthalmology, Rob and Bintou both share a passion: Bible translation.

Distribution campaign of the Jesus film and audio New Testament on memory cards

Rob has been flying for many years now for Bible translators in Cameroon. In Gabon, while his primary flights are providing critical transportation to the Bongolo Hospital, he has been humbly but powerfully used by God for the reawakening of Bible Translation in Gabon.  Under Rob’s collaboration with EACMG (1), Pastor Jean-Marc, the Bongolo Hospital, SIL(2), Wycliffe and CABTAL(3), Gabonese churches are coming together to work together for Bible translation in Gabon.

The fruit of those efforts is a movement that has been formed among churches for literacy teaching and Bible Translation in Gabonese languages. Please pray for the bibleless peoples of Gabon!  For more language information about Gabon, see Wycliffe’s site.

Some Acronyms in the text:

1- Eglise de l’Alliance Chrétienne et Missionaire du Gabon (Christian and Missionary Alliance Church in Gabon)

2- Société Internationale de Linguistique (International Society of Linguistics)

3-Cameroon Association for Bible Translation and Litteracy