Rob is a passionate of aviation and mechanics who grew up in Asia. Bintou is an African lady who loves dancing to the Balafon.

Rob and Bintou have served in West-Africa for more than ten years now as pilot and physician. They have been heavily involved in Bible translation, community development, medical flights, medical missions outreach, and many more. They have also founded a music ministry that seeks to equip African Worship leaders and encourage them to lead churches and make corporate worship centered on Christ-Jesus and on Truth.

Rob and Bintou Peterson are the parents of a miraculous and lovely child. Their son was born unexpectedly as a premie-premie. This launched them into a tough journey of pain and uncertainty as their son struggled to survive. After nearly seven months in the NICU, the journey transitioned to their home with him needing oxygen and a feeding tube. God has done a marvelous work in his life and he is catching up.

While waiting for Isaac’s complete healing in order to return to Africa, Rob is involved in training with the JAARS helicopter department. With other teammates, his work consists in equipping pilots and mechanics going overseas. He has developed a special curriculum for pre-field pilot orientation and is part of the IT support team for Bongolo Hospital in Africa . Rob also travels a lot around the US with the Missions At The Airport JAARS initiative. Bintou is a full-time mom and care giver to their son. But she manages to work part-time as a preschool teacher and with the International medias services for Wycliffe. Bintou is also a member of the JAARS music ministry and of the Calvary Church Choir.