Pennsylvania! And I Join Wycliffe Tomorrow

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img_5775We are in Pennsylvania. People here have an accent I’ve never heard before but it is sweet ! I have also  learned that in Pennsylvania, they have a “Hunting Day” ! The day hunting opens, kids do not go to school. People go hunting! Even ladies! The only time I’ve seen guns during my entire life in Cameroon was either in the pocket of the uniform of a police officer or during the military parade organized for the celebration  of Cameroon’s independence. But here, even ladies know guns!  I talked with a lady and she was matter-of-factly describing how good she is with guns. Oh my! I got some chills!

It was a long but very fruitful day! It is almost midnight. I am in a nice and lovely bedroom. My husband is still in a meeting with a pastor and my mom is already asleep. My body is ready to crash but my brain is speeding. WOW! Tomorrow morning, I will officially be a new member of the Wycliffe!

Me, once full of ambition and of a fiery desire to succeed as a medical doctor, have forever turned my back to a career in medicine in my dear home country! Tomorrow, I will definitely embrace a new mission, the mission of a “missionary doctor.”  No turning back!

I cannot sleep. I have to write…

What do I know about missions? Am I really wise? Am I really going the right direction? I hold my head in my hand and I review these past years lived in the jungle. I am watching a movie with my mind as the screen and my memory as the DVD player.

At the end of the movie, here’s what I can say I know… 

  • I know missions are hard.
    Working on Luke 16 Project with SJK. worship leader training.
    Working on Luke 16 Project
  • I know missions don’t make you rich!
  • I know that you must rely on God to take care of you.
  • I know that you work harder than in your home country but you get less money.
  • I know that you will pour out your heart to care for locals but will be criticized.
  • I know that most of the locals with whom you work won’t understand you.
  • I know that the people praying and caring for you from a distance will try to imagine what you endure everyday but they will not really understand.
  • I know that you work with a lot of people. You meet a lot of people. You care for a lot of people. But still you can be lonely.
  • I know that once you hear God’s call, you can’t stop the fire that starts burning.
  • I know that you may feel beaten and exhausted but you can’t give up.
  • I know there are days you come home dancing, but other days you will come home crying!

I’ve served two years now at the Bongolo hospital in Gabon, Africa. I was supporting my husband and taking care of him. I was “the wife of a missionary.”

Now, tomorrow morning, I will be “a missionary” who is a wife to a missionary.

Thank you Mark!

I have prayed about it. I have thought about it. A lot of things are going to change in my life. But now I’m ready to join my husband and say “Here am I, Lord, send me!”

On your marks! get set! GO!!!!!!!

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  1. Sonia MAINTI

    My friend and sister, thank you for that good news. I am very happy to see how the Lord leads you day after day. I hope that I can see you next time that you will be in France. Both of You are welcome at our home. Be blessed.

    • Bintou Peterson

      Thank you Sonia! We’ll definitely keep in touch! And thank you for your nice offer in France!

  2. Gean Cohoon

    Good Morning,

    Quick note to say I can pray for you both, and your ministries and the hospital, your needs.

    God bless you both.
    Gean Cohoon

    • Bintou Peterson

      Dear Gean, I realize that there was a buzz in our system and someway somehow my reply to you never showed up! I am so sorry for this! I hope this time will be the right one and that my reply to your comment will not disappear anymore!

      Gean, more than ever my husband and I need prayers. We more and more believe that one of the best gifts someone can have for you is prayer. Someone who is praying for us is offering us the best he has. Because I know how much we rely on prayer and on God’s intervention in the Ministry God is calling us to. My husband and I are discovering that prayer moves God, and urges Him to intervene. So not only do we value prayer a lot more than before, but when you decide to pray for us, you are such a precious person for us and we feel loved!

      May God bless you Gean! Again thank you so much!

      • Gean Cohoon

        Hey Miss Bintou

        I wanted to make you two handmade Christmas ornaments for you and Rob to remember your Christmas here in US. You have my email, if you would give me an address that I could mail to you. Am also sending to Bongolo child hospital gowns, and last night I found a pattern to make eye glass cases/ holders. God Bless you and your husband in your calling. It was the plane that when was in need of repair, that the Lord put you and your husband on my heart, your ministry. It sparked my heart.

        Well if possible email me, if you can not I understand.

        Gean Cohoon

        • robertgpeterson

          Hello Gean!!!!
          How awesome, how nice of you! We are honored by this message! And thank you so much for your desire to send us some personal christmas ornaments! And of course, the stuff for Bongolo Hospital kids and for eyeglasses is welcome! We are grateful! May God bless you too Gean, and I am definitely going to reply to you right away (email you)!

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