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Have you ever prayed over psalms from the Bible?

I never thought about doing something like that until with my team here at Bongolo, we discovered a wonderful Bible study program by Pastor Soper. He gave strong and convincing arguments on praying Psalms. I was convinced when I listened to him. And for some days now, I have started to pray the Psalms.

It is only a few days, but I can already say that the Psamls are powerful prayers and revelations of the Holy and Mighty God. That only someone who was spending at least seven hours a day in His presence could understand. No wonder the Holy Son is called: the Son of David.

I believe your faith and how strong you stand for the Lord in this life will depend a lot on the quality and quantity of time you spend with your Father. If you don’t know where to start, why not start with Psalms 93?

The world has seen the success of great men and women like Elizabeth, mother of John the Baptist, Mary, mother of the Christ, Paul and Peter, founders of the church and many others of the early church.

This week, pray  Psalms 93 over your life. And, please, I would be happy for you to write me and share how was that experience for you.


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