Our primary motivation to work as missionaries is to obey God’s command to go and make disciples of all nations. “How will they believe if they have not heard?” (Romans 10: 14- 15). To serve full-time and be effective, we are asking you friends, family and churches to partner with us. Here are three ways.

Give by praying:

We need your prayers! We have lived numerous experiences where we know God rescued us or gave us a breakthrough because His children were intensively and regularly praying for us. Please subscribe to our newsletter and lift us up to the throne of grace.

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Give financially:

Financial partnership enable us to serve full-time as  missionaries in limited resources settings where the possibility of getting a second job is nearly impossible.  Rob’s primary responsibilities are in Aviation department, but due to limited resources, he also works as an IT support for Bongolo Hospital and for JAARS. We presently are at 76% of our ministry budget and we need more people to join our financial support team. Please consider joining.

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Give through a short-term trip:

Short-term teams bring an incredible energy and desire to serve that refreshes and encourages us. And we consistently see God using this experience to encourage the faith of those that come as they see God at work first-hand. Bongolo hospital is like a little city in the jungle and nearly every skill set is strategic, even tree trimmers!

Speaking engagements

Kids need camp. Women need Bible retreats. Men need Challenge conferences. But all of them need to hear about the great deeds God is doing around the world throughout compassion workers. Are you organizing a camp, a vacation Bible school, a special tea event or a mission week? Please email us. It would be our joy to speak, inspire and to get more people engaged in missions.