My mom is here! Clap along with me!

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My mom made it to the USA! So happy!!! Clap along with me!!!

I’ve wanted for so long for my mom to come and visit the USA and her relatives here. For some reasons, it never seemed possible. But recently, that changed and she did! Yeah! It is extra special that she is here while Rob and I are also in the US.

It was so interesting to see my mom going through the same culture shock as I did!  She is asking the same questions as I did!  This time it is me explaining why “this way” and not “that way.” My husband and I would just look at each other with that knowing smile.

First flight in small airplane. 1939 J3 Cub

It also hit me that I’ve grown up. There was a time my mom had all the answers (She still does by the way)! But I could have never imagined that that I would be the one holding her hand and helping her to navigate in a new culture one day!

We are sharing special times together. She joined us during part of our road tour. And she was a blessing! She spent time with us interacting with our friends and families. And with her experience of Africa and the comments she made, she made our stories and experiences much more credible without even realizing it!

The amusing part of my mom’s time here in the USA is seeing her dealing with the cold. Oh my! She is so cute, sitting there by the chimney in the big house of our friend! She is happy, she is smiling, but she is well wrapped in her “blankey.” She reminded me of the times I was wearing hats and gloves indoors!

Ready to explore an American Restaurant

My mom is being introduced to so many American culture experiences!  Most of them have been great and my mom loved them… except for the Dr Pepper one! That one she will not take back to Africa!

We are going to celebrate Thanksgiving here for the first time! We are looking forward to a special family time!

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  1. Carol Peterson

    I’m so excited your mom is in the USA and that she will soon be a guest in our home! She is a very special lady! Thank you, Bintou, for writing these blogs and allowing us to “journey with you” here in the US!

    • robertgpeterson

      Thank you my other mom ! I am looking forward to spend this wonderful celebration here with you and my mom! And I am already very grateful for all you will do to make her feel at ease and to enjoy this experience!

    • robertgpeterson

      Thank you Carolyn ! And I appreciate that you took the time to read this!

    • robertgpeterson

      WOOOOOW Gean ! You arrrr pretty !!! I clicked on the link and it works! Oh my! Thank you for giving me that link, I feel I got one step closer to you!

      Happy Thanskgiving Gean! Be blessed !

  2. Betty Brown

    Loved meeting your sweet mama at Thanksgiving. In fact it was so much fun meeting other members of your family. It was a real treat!

  3. Paule Ngahane (carême)

    Good job the peterson’s !!! I’m si happy for m’y sweet mommy .i wish she will enjoy her journée more ans more .
    Stay blessed.

    • robertgpeterson

      Hey Mrs Ngahane!

      Quelle joie de te lire! Oui, ta sweet mummy était très heureuse durant son temps ici avec nous! Et nous étions très bénis par sa présence. Merci pour ton gentil commentaire. Et merci d’avoir pris un peu de ton temps pour me dire combien tu es happy pour ta “sweet mummy”. Transmets tout notre amour à Mr Ngahane!

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