Another aspect of Rob and Bintou’s involvement missions is music. With a dad who loves the organ and a mom who is an excellent Balafon dancer, Bintou was “condemned” to love music too. Music in Africa is extremely important. Music is everywhere, in parties, in sports, in rituals, in funerals. Someone said: “Africa is music”.

In 2005, Bintou and her siblings founded a music band, “The Semeurs Juniors de Kondengui”, now known as the BALAFON CALL MUSIC MINISTRY. That ministry was birthed from a desire to preach the Gospel to friends. Rob’s experience has helped in re-organizing the resources, the functioning and the focus of the ministry.

The main core of the ministry is to provide solid Bible teaching for African worship leaders and other Christians called to Worship Ministry  in Africa. People need to see their own lives transformed before they can be used to transform other lives. It has now been more than ten years that the BALAFON MUSIC MINISTRY is impacting lives. Rob and Bintou have mentored many young Africans, some of them with rough stories, who are now well-respected citizens in their community and leading worship in churches.