It’s snowing in the south!

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We’re on a road trip again! We left N.C on Jan 1st and are presently in Tennessee. We were supposed to hit Georgia tonight but it’s not going to happen!
Forecast predicted some snow for today. You know, I am not used to this forecast thing. We have a weather man on our national broadcast in Africa but you count on fingers people listening to what he says every evening after the news. It’s just not in our culture. When you see rain coming, the best you can do is save your laundry from getting wet. We do not have dryers. We have the sun and outdoor clothes lines. So if you’re not home when rain comes, all your clothes will be wet and you’ll wash them again. You just think about yourself and run to the nearest shelter by you.

So I took it lightly last night and I started singing enthusiastically: “Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow”!

Well my husband was not very enchanted by the forecast. He smiled and told me I may regret singing that song. I looked at him not really understanding what he was saying and I kept singing. During the night, he kept going out to “check the road”. Each time, he would come back in with “the roads are still dry”!

Heavy rain in my hometown!

I didn’t say a word but I was wondering why my husband was concerned about not be able to make it tomorrow morning.  In Africa, our bad weather is heavy rain.  When it rains a lot, our worry is not about roads being wet or dry. Our worry is about roads that are horribly muddy or flooded.  With a SUV or a 4 wheel drive, you may be stuck here and there, but you will make it eventually. Here, you have highways, asphalt roads, why bother? There’s no way we’ll be stuck because of bad weather!

This morning I woke up hearing my husband on the phone. He was cancelling our travel plans for today. Beautiful snow was falling through the window but I didn’t understand why we couldn’t leave. This time I asked and he gently explained to me a lot of stuff about weather.

Apparently, one thing that happens when snow starts falling is that it makes the road icy. He told me icy roads can be pretty bad. Especially in the mountains of Tennessee, you don’t want to take a trip with your vehicle, slide and land in a ravine! Oooooookay! Now I got it!

Find the car! Don’t look at my cold and dry lips!

What a wonderful world! Weather patterns so different!  We won’t make it to Georgia today. But I looked at the bright side of the situation. I played outside a bit with the snow! I found it very interesting to see how different things can be from one country to another. In Africa, the louder the rain, the worse the damage to the roads and houses. But this snow was falling sooo silently ! It looks so inoffensive! It is white and so bright! But yet, it can be so dangerous! That was amazing!

Isaiah 1:18 says, “Come now, let us settle this matter” says the LORD ‘Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow…” This adventure of ours today gave me a picture of how as children of God, He makes us as white as snow: pure and bright.

So I’m gonna keep on singing: Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!

Pictures of Africa rain courtesy of Ann Kapteyn, Wycliffe USA Bible Translator

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  1. Gean Cohoon

    Bintou had your husband told you about throwing snowballs You are so beautiful and so is the snow! Love your blog post. I will be praying for safe travels. As you learn about our country and weather, I am learning about yours. Have fun, but keep warm!❄❄❄⛄make a snowman, then drink hot cocoa.

    • robertgpeterson

      Hahahahahhahahahahahahahaha! Gean, you’re so funny! Actually, I almost tripped while i was playing a bit with the snow, and I came back in the house shivering. I was soooooo cold! My husband had to make me drink some hot tea! So I guess, I won’t try the snowman ! I got enough of the cold today!

  2. Frank Hawfield

    Bintou, You gave a great account of your first experience with snow. When I was younger, I would get out in the snow, make a snow man and throw snow balls at my friends. Now, I am older and stay inside and keep warom until the snow goes away and it is safe for me to move around outside again. I am glad you were able to enjoy your first experience with snow and have fun with it!

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